Our Confirmation preparation begins in our year 7 program for children age 12 and up who have already been Baptized. Any child that has not been Baptized or is missing Sacraments on Initiation should discuss the matter with our Program Coordinator to establish the needs and best process.

Children begin the preparation program by various means which can include but are not limited to bible stories, lessons, prayers, personal faith sharing, crafts and community projects. Class participation is extremely important as it helps develop community and promote discipleship. Children will have an opportunity to participate in many extra activities such as church Retreats, Archdiocese events, and Youth events. Youth have found the preparation to be very rewarding when they participate in class and attend special events.

Parents and family are asked to journey with the youth in the preparation for Confirmation. This can easily be done by sharing your own experiences and journey of faith, asking questions and having open dialogues. Most important is the family attending Mass, sharing in the Prayers, listening to the Liturgy of the Word and most important sharing in the Eucharist.


Our Goal is to create disciples through fun projects, faith sharing and deeper understanding. Together we can spread the word and Love of Jesus Christ.