Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist.

Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist are celebrated in our year two program. Per Cannon law children receive these Sacraments at the age of reason which is described as age 7 (exceptions can change this age).

The Year begins with regular faith formation to ensure all children have a basic understanding of the faith. This will allow children to strengthen their knowledge, practice the most common prayers, and build community with their peers.

Sacramental preparation begins shortly after the New Year. Children gradually transition into learning about Reconciliation. We explain to them that the forgiveness of Sins is the most precious gift given to us by Jesus Christ. The children will learn how to properly go to Confession, what it means to Confess and what happens during the process.

For many children the thought having to tell someone what “bad” things they have done, can be very scary. Our volunteers work very hard to explain the process to the children and we encourage parents to help put their child at ease. Together we can help make this important Sacrament special, and continuous. Parents should also consider participate during the First Reconciliation with their child. It is a great opportunity to renew your relationship with Jesus and to show your child that parents need to Reconcile too.

The first Reconciliation is usually celebrated during Lent


Sacrament of First Holy Eucharist preparation begins right after the new year and incorporated with the Reconciliation preparation.

Our Volunteers will use bible and personal stories, movies, and crafts to help children understand the Catholic believes of Communion. They will learn about the last supper celebrated with Jesus and his disciples, they will learn about how this significant event is celebrated at every Mass today and they will learn to understand why this is such an important part of our faith.

Children will also learn and practice receiving the “Body” of Christ using hosts that are un-blessed (we do not practice with the wine in the classroom).

In order to ensure that children receive the full benefit of our Sacramental preparation, it is imperative that they attend all classes, complete all assigned work and most importantly attend Mass. By attending Mass with their family the children will be able to visually experience the Eucharist preparation, and participate in the Mass with prayers and songs. It will also provide great opportunities for families to have conversations about the Mass, readings and Communion preparation.